It's good to stop sometimes and watch the amazing mix of people that converge in Oxford.  When you take time to listen to even a small part of someone's story, you see people in a different way.  You have a chance to hear a voice...  and it might help you listen to your own afresh.

I've wanted to find a cross-section of people from all walks of life; men and women, young and not so young.  I've become more confident about coming up to strangers and asking if I can speak with them and take their portrait.  I've had some refuse and walk on, but honestly, not as many as I might have thought.

As a photographer this was a particular challenge in that time is very short to take someone's portrait. On average there was 2 or 3 shots of each subject taken, in some cases only one.  As you're trying to build a connection with someone unknown, you need to sense as you go when it's the right time to take the photo, when best to ask more questions… and when you need to walk away.